*~*~Naughty Therapist Candy*~*~ – 50

Welcome to Naughty-Therapy.

The reasons that brought you here are varied.

It may be a sexual obsession, an unrelenting fetish, a transient aberration; a need for a confession sanctuary; a longing for acceptance and understanding of the urges that occupy your thoughts.

Neither you, nor I, fall into a mold. Each patient is treated as one of a kind.

My intent is not to judge; but, help you accept your seemingly irregular feelings as a part of your whole. Let us explore your thoughts/fantasies/experiences together.

My specialities include, and are not limited to, the following:
-Fetishes (Foot, Shoe, Lingerie, etc)
-Small Penis Humiliation (Tiny Cock Shame)
-Feelings of inadequacy
-Sissy Boys
-Latent Homosexuality (Bi-curious)
-Goddess Worship
-Body worship (Feet; Bum; Boobs, etc)
-Sexual Deviancy
-Ask about others

Do not feel shy. Feel free to approach me. Do not fear yourself too abhorrent.
Enjoy the exploration!
Sessions available via phone or cam
Call or Text 724-426-6210 (7bigboob10)

Skype/Yahoo: boobdelicious10

About Candy

Hi,I am Candy! I am not new to phone sex! I'm not one of these silly young things that just moan and giggle I am a real woman with experience and an imagination that just will not stop! If you want to get lost in your wildest fantasies while looking at the best breast on the net then call me! You WILL NOT be sorry you did! 724-426-6210 Skype: Yahoo Messanger: email:
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