Ready to cum NOW? Call me: 724-426-6210 (or 7BIGBOOB10)

All options may be paid for online at my store or you may call me at the number above, and I will charge your card for you! Be sure to contact me on Yahoo or Skype (IDs are boobdelicious10) or call before paying online.

Payment Forms:
I accept major credit cards and gift cards –  they are discreetly billed as  You can also use Bitcoins by selecting the Bitcoin option at check out. Bitcoins only accepted when you pay online via my store.  I will also accept Amazon emailable gift cards as payment for services. If you want to pay me using Amazon gift cards you must contact me first for details.

Text/IM Play:
Texting/Yahoo or Skype IM ($1.00/min., 10 min. minimum)

Phone Play:
Phone sex ($2.00/min., 10 min. minimum)

Cam Play:
I watch you on cam (this falls under the $2.00/min., 10 min. minimum phone rate!)
Cam sex clothed ($2.50/min., 10 min. minimum)
Cam sex topless ($3.00/min., 10 min. minimum)
Cam sex All Nude ($3.50/min., 10 min. minimum)